If One is Trying to Deceive Others will Only End Up in Self-Deception

If One is Trying to Deceive Others will Only End Up in Self-Deception.
It's a strange time in recent years, everything changed so quickly and unfortunately not in our favor, the human nature is disappearing for commercial interests and the characters of people is hardened by greed.
Where the friendly social intercourse which remained with the starting point to build a friendship and achieving true benefits are not important in that relationship.
Now it seems that we no longer live in the real world but in a movie with playing an actors role to show each other how intelligent we are and can deceive others.
But "is this the true meaning of life?"
Everyone understands that money is an important factor for our existence, but we must lose our pride and feeling in order to get that?
One must be emotionless and no heart feeling if they want to do harm to others, it is trust with an emotion, and spirit affection that affects others in their proper sense.
First, one must earn the trust and understanding from others then deceive them for getting their own benefits and interests.
A person who often obtain profits by harming others, is just showing that how low to the ground level that person will be, with such a lower standard of living for themselves.
This kind of person always are senseless and without sharing any compunction in their life, they keeps searching for victims to take their chances for benefit.
Not thinking for the future to continue living in peace and with a clean slate of mind, but deliberately choose to exploit another with their reason for profit that's why they just want to be friendly.
We should not keep in touch with this kind of residents on the same earth, because they only want to abuse us, but they forget that it will only get themselves fooled in the end.
It is self-deception if one wants to deceive others and use them, because the earth is not for nothing around and everything will also return to them at some point and will give them an unprecedented psychological problems
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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