Raise up Our Spirit with Enthusiasm, the Sun will keep Shining to Us Everyday

Raise up Our Spirit with Enthusiasm, the Sun will keep Shining to Us Everyday
Our thinking ability and acceptance have a strong influences on how we feel and because of that we can get frustrated.
The difficulty is to see the positive side from all the negative, this can cause us problems, but its better to lose our energy on the positive things.
Better we should not keep ourselves busy with all those negativity coming to us, but let's be wiser to convert those into positive, so we can minimize the negative effect on us and use it immediately .
Then we are on the right path in life, because when there is something totally negative, we immediately seeing the positivity in it and can look forward to a better future with a smile without frustration and discomfort.
Something that we've experienced with a total shock could give us a bad feeling, but once we overcome it, we can now use it as a lesson, because we've gained a new experience from there to take most advantageous steps to advance, so we won't get ourselves into much trouble.
Because respond directly to something emotionally can completely turn the situation into out of control, so just keep quiet to overlook the situation calmly, so we can know what and who we're dealing with.
We must then think in our mind whether it will have a further development or is it wiser to leave it only to that moment and further continue to walk our own way without thinking on this event and no longer look back.
Our mind need positive energy to feel good, so we can always do things with enthusiasm and continue doing it with a smile.
All the nasty and degrading manifestations around us which is against our feelings, so that it will give no pleasure or happiness for us, it is better to avoid that in life to find a positive balance.
If we want the sun to shine for us everyday, in our mind we must always raise up the positive enthusiasm for every fun and happy moments.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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