To Rise Above our Power will Cause Problems

To Rise Above our Power will Cause Problems.
We do not need to beat about the bush that nobody like to be belittled,and many people wants others to see them more wealthier than they actually are.
But if we do not have this under control and make this as our daily routine then it will give us problems in the future.
Some person possess coins and want to spend  banknotes as easily as water flows from the tap, but sometimes somebody spend it beyond their ability just to show others that their life has been stuffed with money.
They will only do things so that others can see this with their naked eye, then other will perceive and have in mind that person have a good living and can do what he or she wants.
Some are wondering and it give them curiosity to know where their wealthy came from, can only judge from what they see, but they do not see piles of high bills are coming through the letterbox at such person.
It's not fair to be comparatively to make comparisons between others,  there will always be some people who have a better life, but also there might be some who have it even more worse.
So be satisfied with what we have and can spend for our own, what others think or expect is not important for our livelihood, we must guarantee it with ourselves.
It will all only be temporary to show impressive to others that we are affluent, while it is not true at all.
The truth will come to light eventually, so at that moment, it will be disappointment and shame occured, so we will still lose more than just money.
If we do not want to lose our own respect and pride, we must be honest with ourselves and others, to live beyond our ability is just asking for trouble.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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