Distance Cannot Disrupt our Feelings

Distance Cannot Disrupt our Feelings
The summer is over but it was a beautiful sunny day when our eyes met with each other, which create a spark that skipped and a heavenly fire in me.
My heart began to pound like being possessed and there was a warm feeling throughout my body, especially when seeing such a beautiful and attractive appearance from You.
From then, my thoughts and eyes were constantly follow where You went at that time, happy You were in my neighborhood.
At that time,You were with others, and I would like to approach You but were afraid to come, because You were too busy with the people around You, so I just want to avoid problems.
At a later time, I went to the toilet and when I return, You were already gone at once, looked around and searched for You everywhere but to no avail.
Only in my mind I could remember the exciting moments from the first eye sight we have together.
Days went by and You were constantly on my mind, but You were still nowhere to be seen.
Every second You was in my mind with the hope that it was possible to see You again, until a day came and there was a decision taken to have my breakfast somewhere.
And I found You there in the bakery alone, my soul was so happy, because to me this was my chance and I saw that You also noticed me in Your view, and we also exchange with a mutual smile.
My words fell to short of my nerves but started a conversation that make a huge impact on us together.
You told me that those people I've seen earlier were Your relatives, so that was not a competition or any problem at all, it was a fascinating conversation in which we were both very happy and open.
My desire was therefore has been satisfied by the meeting with Your inner beauty and vision of life and our fellowship conversation in this short time.
There was a proposal by me to meet later for a dinner and more, You liked the idea and told me that this is Your last day in here and will leave to home tomorrow.
This last evening together was so romantic and for never to forget,  it was full of joy and great moments, and we both were in tears when we say farewell to each other.
A reunion probably will not be possible, because of the huge distance between us now, but the memories of this great evening together is impossible to disrupt our feelings.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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