Wisdom is Able to Turn our Desire into Motivation, and Prevent it from Becoming Greediness

Wisdom is Able to Turn our Desire into Motivation, and Prevent it from Becoming Greediness
It is no surprise or intimidation that we all wish to be wealthy with the hope for a good and healthy life minus setbacks and much positivity.
To achieve this we will have to think wisely on what activities we want to get and obtain it.
We must know with what we we do are the best, and we have enough knowledge to keep us fully join and be busy with, and concentrate on it so that will be the main subject for our existence.
That will rise up the stimulation for us to focus fully on it with passion and motivation to learn more about it and grows from there, so we can be one of the best.
We will be passionate about it, and our mind are fully loaded with an impression as we discover how many more opportunities we can have to provide the audience with our ideas.
We can avoid greediness, because after which we will be involving more deeply into the necessary matter as we realize that everyone required performance to deliver great results, thus we all can achieve victories together.
This gives benefits for everyone, at the same time we also help society and ourselves in creating happiness and joy.
Cooperation in a good harmony is a wish that majority of population wants, but to bring the right people together will need a good management, so that everyone in a team are at the perfect place to perform their function respectively.
Joint efforts with responsible are needed to be shared the workload with honest way , so that everyone can be satisfied with their work and income.
Thus the greediness can be prevented by joint motivation and from the intelligence of the contributors to this project, and in the end everybody wishes will be fulfilled with the employment , because we all already meet with a fee which is acceptable and enough to be very satisfied.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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