Eyes is our Soul to Gain Authenticity from Others, so Always be Transparent to Everyone

Eyes is our Soul to Gain Authenticity from Others, so Always be Transparent to Everyone
In the time we live now, the characters and habits of people are not like they used to be in the past, everything has changed radically as well as developments in the country.
Today we no longer know what our neighbors or local resident very well, because everyone live in isolation , the openness or a cozy relationship together is no longer important for most people.
The simplicity of the past almost doesn't exist for all people, and everyone is fully engaged to strives for prosperity, so there is little time for social life.
There is almost zero closeness and its has become so common that even we deal with others, we still do not know what they do, the interest about that has become lesser.
It seems that we live in a mysterious world where everyone is living their own life and everything which happens around us is just an afterthought.
Due to the high daily expenses and there is almost no space for people to meet and greet each other so often, because everyone is busy and almost do not have time.
But if we are transparent and let others to have an insight on what we do,  that will arouse our credible in others, so they will have a clear path in their mind.
This allow us to develop more opportunities in social life where everyone actually dependent on each other, because having more contacts can share our diffusion of knowledge.
For example, when Pete knows what John is doing and so on then this create the chances which can bring the possibilities for a good future together.
This is a good point to consider in life, where it must be trust and openness when mysterious things occurred, but if there is no transparency from a person, and no one can find an explanation, it will only raise more questioning and suspicion.
So we should always give each others a chance and open our book for anyone who is interested to know us better.
If we are transparent and always open up our mind, we will give a better feeling for others that may also established rapidly contacts which shape a better future.
When there is a clear understanding of what we do, we will show our authenticity through our eyes to others, and because we are transparent, many will look for us to develop an opportunity together because they know or think that we are reliable.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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