A Simple Life can Give us Richest Happiness

A Simple Life can Give us Richest Happiness
Bliss is a target for all of us, no one wants to be unhappy and sad.
Only most of us see the importance of being happy differently and think that happiness is wealth, the more we have the happier we can be.
But that is a wrong conception and cheerfulness has nothing to do with finances but with satisfaction when we are pleased with our life.
We are fortunate and blessed as we enjoy every minute that passes, and whether we have millions dollars or with nothing that is unimportant in terms of experiencing the inner happiness at any time.
Be satisfied with everything we experienced and possess gives us a rich in existence, if we have billions but no joyful moments, we still consider to be unfortunate.
There are so many simple moments which can give us the ultimate joy that have nothing to do with money, but the rise in opportunity made it possible to spirited for boisterous of having fun.
That is the richness of inner feeling which makes us happy, and it doesn't matter something is terribly expensive or free of charge, if we are satisfied we can be wealth in our mind  and that is what counts.
Simplicity is virtue and can give us all the luck in the world as we will then find inner peace which complied with our lively passion.
We should simply accept life as it is now planned for us, then try to make changes which can foster everything for a better future.
But do not force things with the aim to find happiness, because that will not work if we are never satisfied with what we have already.
Enjoy every second, because it will never come back when it's over.
We can have a rich and happy life if we can be content in our hearts with what we experience every day to possess all our belongings.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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