When we are Being the Less Fortunate in Life, what we Really Need is a Opportunity not Pity

When we are Being the Less Fortunate in Life, what we Really Need is a Opportunity not Pity
Everyone is happy at the birth of themselves as a unique new resident in their country, where he or she will have the nationality which inherited from their proud parents.
The place where we were born is not the same for everyone, and there may be a significant difference of variation from cold to warm climate to various ranges of standard of living from underprivileged to promising.
Therefore there are certain population groups that a person immediately after birth, they cannot even see where they were born, already get a stamp to be an underprivileged or a consecrate from a third world country, which is of course a joke.
But where we are born does not matter to feel happy,  and if we do not know something, we will also not miss it and can that the feeling of happiness and joy not resist.
Everything has to do with opportunities for get a better life, we also need to have a strong character in order to persevere and not give up in whatever circumstance.
We must possess an unbending intransigence and decisiveness ability in order to take every opportunity that comes into our life, therefore we can use all our energy and knowledge wisely.
With this orientation and personal attitude, it is almost inconceivable that even a mortal cannot achieve anything if there are opportunities.
Nobody in life need pity as others or themselves may find that they are the less fortunate in life, and the only thing which can help them to bring on others mind is that every opportunities are created for their life improvement.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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