The World is Fast Changing, we Should Accept it with Equanimity

The World is Fast Changing, we Should Accept it with Equanimity
The world is becoming unimaginable, if we buy something today then the technology is changing very fast tomorrow with a newer and better prototype than what we brought.
The new model is always look better and improve by its special design to suits the needs for user, this is always welcome as an excellent idea.
We can see it all yourself, and especially if we not been observe something for a while then things can change quickly in our environment.
On top of that, the cost of living is getting more higher and the mentality of some human also seems to change with everything.
The people are in more hurry and this become irritable for many, individual also becoming less engaged in general, they more prefer to live in a solitary life, so there is almost none social openness among the humanity.
Humanity and behaviors as before is belong to the history now and it have become different with lots of indecent language generally used by the youth, fortunately there are some exceptions and we can meet some persons with good manners.
We are getting older and wiser everyday, luckily with a quieter and more intelligent character, we can think more deeply about things and then realize that we have no other chance because we live on this planet together .
It's like we were dropped at sea and must swim to ashore again to enjoy all the facilities and find the joy there with a hope that we didn't encounter with sharks along the way.
If we we leave home now is about the same as drop us on the sea, because certain necessary arrangements must be adopted for work, entertainment or shopping, we will hope that nothing bad happened for us on the road and wish a safe homecoming.
No doubt that everyone loves fun and surprises, but unfortunately that's not a certainty, therefore a positive attitude is very important in our life.
We must accept the rapid changes in the world with equanimity, as we deal further with it we can also experience ourselves the joy and happiness.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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