Even the Sky is Completely Dark, there is Still Sparkling Stars in Heaven

Even the Sky is Completely Dark, there is Still Sparkling Stars in Heaven
There are days with much storms, rain, snow and sun in our life and little wind but the clock never stops ticking and every second counts more, so "we're carry on through stormy skies."
Life is not a movie with a script but is full of snapshots with highlights where our soul are happy and it can be followed up with the sad feeling or vice versa.
Therefore enjoy full toss of the joyful moments, because it might not last forever, so as the sad moments which may also give a turnaround for us.
We must never lose hope, there is always a way to find the solution, sometimes it may takes a little bit longer but "the darkest hour is before the dawn".
So never give up hope and try to constantly stay positive, because there is for sure a solution, so do not get into panic, and only without panic we can have an affirmative thinking.
Everyone have problems in their life, some may different than ours, but we all have to cope with obstacles and challenges which we must overcome it.
Do not ruin our day just because we had a meeting of about an hour which bring a bad influence, impression or outcome for us.
It is recommended to be a good-natured person with a hopeful thinking which will fight to find a solution or improvement, and if there are mistakes then we should accept it and learn to willingly make the change with a future-oriented thinking about it to continue for a better future.
Nobody is perfect in this world and together we can solve everything in peace with the end result that everyone involved will be getting a good feeling and be satisfied.
Kindness together is a necessary thing, having evil faces against each other that is not helpful for anybody, be lenient then there is guaranteed a perfect arrangement possible for all.
Wherever we are in the world, as we close our eyes in the night and open it again looking at the sky, we can see sparkling stars, and its confirming to us that there is always hope.
I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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