Silence is the Secret Weapon to Unleash when we are Being Tangled Between War of Words

Silence is the Secret Weapon to Unleash when we are Being Tangled Between War of Words
Not everyone is good at communicating or can choose the right words to let everybody understand and familiar with each other.
There are people who can talk with so impressive that each of them would be impressed , and it is difficult to respond back to them because there is almost no chance to do so.
They have a vocabulary skill as thick as dictionary or set of encyclopedias, and if we do not listen or understand certain words from them, we will be lost in their story.
But we can not interrupt them, because they keep rattling and their lips are moving non-stop, the only opportunity is to listen, but maybe some things we cannot explicate it without too much confusing, so we want to debate with them with our valid point.
They think we manage to interpreted on what they've said, but unfortunately that is not the case, and without patience, they give us no chance to answer them again, because they do not like to be interrupted and want to finish their story quickly.
And if we interfere their speech, they might be losing out control, so it will be a different tone and unpleasant words comes out from their mouth which we might not like to hear about it.
If we do not want to be tangled between a conversation that is completely out of control, we can choose to response with plain language in a decent way, but remain silence is the best solution because quiet moments will appear soon after the "war".
If we do not wish to be involved in a war of words,  silence is the secret weapon in retaliation to keep the peace
I wish you a healthy life.Kindly Regards,
author Jan Jansen
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