Our Life will be Better if we can Endure the Bitterness of Bitter

Our Life will be Better if we can Endure the Bitterness of Bitter
Everybody wants to have an easy and relaxing life, but unfortunately from time to time we all need to endure it both mentally or physically to solve a problem.
It can be different for everyone, ranging from small to excessive complication, but when there is an event which created the problem, we all would like to see it resolved.
Sometimes it is either something of nothing, but to correct it can be more complicated than to find the perfect solution, or to carry it out.
Occasionally, we might get the feeling as going through hell, because so many heavy problem falls into us like a lump in the throat, but we already struck there and have no other choice about it.
The only solution is to decipher it as good as possible so we can finish it off in an accepted way.
To unriddle the problem might take longer time than usual, but it will be a lesson for us to learn and realize that we must always think twice before begin to do anything.
Having a good education where we can learn our life lesson is very important, so we can address the issue in our life with a better preparation for it.
But when there is healthy reasons then we are powerless, same by an unforeseeable event and impossible for us to have a perfect planning for every single formation.
At these moments we will realize that how comparatively of life can be, it consists of full surprises and life is not just always fun.
We can experience all those sad, emotional and painful moments, that's the reality of life, even it is not in favor of our thoughts and memories.
This may impose permanent damage to us, something that we or others totally could not change it, so we must learn to acknowledge it and accept that in order to continue living in peace with ourselves.
When we experience the bitterness of bitter, we should endure it by the recognition that we are powerless in this circumstance and acceptance will be the only way to give us freedom.
I wish you a healthy life.Kindly Regards,
author Jan Jansen
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