When we have the Honesty Virtue, There is No Stage in the World which Cannot Accommodate our Presence

When we have the Honesty Virtue, There is No Stage in the World which Cannot Accommodate our Presence
In this fast-changing world where more people are present, everything has becoming more harder due to the economic crisis and shortage of job .
Thereby we see more robbery and violence cases happened all around the hand which probably due to less cash income among the humanity.
The expenses are increases but revenue cuts which causing individual and families can no longer stand for the monthly cost, thus more people are living in trouble.
Many people are bearing heavy responsibility, it doesn't means that they are being greedy, but they are forced to meet their obligations, so they have to choose another options for getting their income.
At that time if choose for criminality they could be making the biggest mistake in their life, some may realize that but think they have no choice but to remain at the selected position.
In life, if we lose our trust in others, this is the end of a friendly relationship, and at the same time we will also lost their support.
Also, there are authorities around us who do not tolerate against criminal behavior and this makes our daily life becomes even more complicated and frightening.
The peace and quiet that we had with ourselves and others will be drastically disturbed by nervous times of vigilance and uncertainty.
In many places, we will no longer be welcome and our name goes with angry words in the tongue by others, we lose friendships and also created more enemies due to our behavior.
Thus we are leaving ourselves into a lonely existence, because we will not be respected with our bad actions and thoughts, instead many people would want to stay away from us.
So be wise and look for the solution which will not ruin our life by wrong decisions, because if we are honest with ourselves and for all, we can live anywhere in the world.
And there is no stage on this globe where our presence will not be appreciated, because with the honesty virtue that we have, it is going to last forever in peace.
I wish you a healthy life.Kindly Regards,
author Jan Jansen
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