Treasure the Companion who Can Enlarge our Advantages, as We are Not Flawless

Treasure the Companion who Can Enlarge our Advantages, as We are Not Flawless
Almost no one wants to live a lonely life, everybody will  finds it enjoyable and fun when there is a lots of laughs and experiences to gain from life.
Only alone is lonely and laughter in our own might not be the same as we can do together with others.
It is better to be a bon vivant and exploring the world than be a hermit, but the choice is in our own hand.
How we live and what we do does not really matter most, if we are feeling satisfied and getting our own happiness that is what counts and is more important.
Everyone has their way of thinking and the choice of life, something which can be very important for us, but it may have no meaning for another or vice versa.
Anyone has their own priorities which maybe looks good for themselves, this can be pretty much difference for everybody.
Also, each individual had a different upbringing with different norms and values which are manifested into the behavior of a person.
The appearance and performance from a person that we have in our mind regarding behavior of a personality may turn out to be completely different and surprise us.
It's just not easy to find the companions on this planet who is 100% similar as our thinking, that would be the like winning first prize in the lottery.
One's thinking might be diverge from others, and that is the fact, so compromises will always have to be make if we want to stay together.
Everyone is mortal and nobody is born perfect, if we can accept that and be flexible, then our life are nearly into perfection and everyone will be impeccable for us.
Nobody is perfect in this world, so be tolerant with each other and treasure our companions who will enlarge our advantages, this will peacefully expand our mind.
I wish you a healthy life.Kindly Regards,
author Jan Jansen
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