Having a True Character is More Important than Keeping our Own Reputation

Having a True Character is More Important than Keeping our Own Reputation
To comes out with good thing for the day and build a reputation from there is something to be proud of and this can also give us a good future prospects.
It will be something that many people will be appreciated and express their sympathy.
Not everyone can ascertain that their idea or way of thinking will be successful by others, thus it may or might not be able to provide enough for their livelihood.
Usually the prosperity comes into our life when we're able to proportional everything better, because then the possibilities are enlarged and it's easier for us to make contacts with others.
Many will have interest in successful and good looking people rather than for the average citizen, those people having the advantage to increases the chances to get attention from others, and that is a proven fact.
But when they are in the centre of attraction, to avoid public become disinterested in them, they sometimes having changed their true personality into a completely different identity.
An example is: For years we never meet with someone who perhaps we have grown up together, and suddenly meet up again at a reunion dinner, then we might be surprised by the changes in their characteristic.
The tendency of their trait has changed so much that we are utterly stunned about it, and we nearly cannot believe that success and money can manipulate a scenic character of a famous person, they are slowly turn into some stranger for us who we do not know or being accustomed to.
Their individuality is completely changed with a distinctive sign to others, where equivalences is no longer their priorities but more on keeping their own pride.
The friendly temperament and inner nature from them is so confused that we are very surprised about it, their big changes on attitude is a lesson for us to learn.
Be ourselves and do not let success or money to turn our character into a film actor / actress, where almost everything can be aligned for a good ending with a false identity.
It is important to maintain the reputation of our true nature rather than to deny own our personality through success
I wish you a healthy life.Kindly Regards,
author Jan Jansen
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