Who Sow the Seeds with Tears will be The One That Smile at Last while Harvesting

Who Sow the Seeds with Tears will be The One That Smile at Last while Harvesting
Life is not always a bed of roses, and we do not need to discuss about this, because we are all agreed with it.
The only salvation from this is to stay positive in every bothersome situation and be hopeful for a good outcome.
The more effort we give ourselves to do the best, a bigger self value will be added to us, try to do it every time again just to surprise ourselves with an improvement.
Whether it is an physical exertion or conflict management  to others, it is meant to perfect ourselves for a better acceptance in society.
There will be times that we no more can see a way out of something anymore and want to give up or feel so humiliated and belittled,  because its almost exceeded our limit.
But it is wise to keep silence in order to obtain progression with our personality and be proud of it on a later point of time.
It is sometimes very hard to keep us quiet and not go too far out of the line, but if we are smart and intelligent, we must take it as a lesson and let our tear flow.
Some destruction can be happened very fast, but if something is already built up and then losing it because of the stupidity from another, it is not wise to follow that.
Be calm and judicious with a responsible and thoughtful response for counterattack, so we can sometimes see things through the fingers and guess what the future bring us ahead.
Be efficient and response without reckless even when we are right, those involved know that too, and it's better to let them with their own thinking, as ourselves already know the mentality of them.
Adapt to the conditions is one of the most difficult factually of our life, if we can be a chameleon who changed along with the thoughts of others, this will give us an advantage on the finish line.
If we want to smile at harvest, then we will have to cry at sowing because of the imbecility from others, sometimes we must accept this in order to achieve our goal.
I wish you a healthy life.Kindly Regards,
author Jan Jansen
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