Even though Every Step we Move does Not Guarantee to bear Fruits, but It is Not Wise to be Blurred by Inert

Even though Every Step we Move does Not Guarantee to bear Fruits, but It is Not Wise to be Blurred by Inert
If we assume that everything we do or where we will begin can be successful, then we are thinking wrong because we're too overconfident in our mind.
We ourselves may sometimes want something but if we at that time also dependent on the decision or feelings of another, it can give a different effect with pernicious in the final stage.
Sometimes we have to accept things just because the choices to decide is not in our hand, it's for personal and business as well.
There are currently too many problems in the world and also for the export business due to the currency exchange fluctuations, it is not so interesting for foreigners to invest, thus causing declining capacity in exports.
That makes our life not easier, but also the go-getters with an acquired good name  will always find something that will catch these circumstances.
We can not do it more better than our best and everyone should abide by the starting point, we must always be positive, if we start somewhere that is not a  guarantee for success, but we should continuously take into account on it.
Always give 100% effort and energy, but never invest our entire capital on one person/project "never just place our bet on one horse"
Try always to keep some reserves on hand, so we can survive when the bad times comes or if something goes wrong, because our good intentions does not gets rewarded every time.
Constantly keep believing it in ourselves, because with a positive thought, we will quickly come up with solutions and everything is more enjoyable for ourselves.
Never let a bad experience or time to beat us in life, not every step we take in life will bring us benefits, but the trophy are only handed out at the finish line, so just keep fighting for the best results.
I wish you a healthy life.Kindly Regards,
author Jan Jansen
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