Our Life are Like a Pack of Cards, we’ll Never Know the Next Card

Our Life are Like a Pack of Cards, we’ll Never Know the Next Card.
We’re not all clairvoyant so for the most of us, life exists out hope and having luck.Many of that we’re having in our own hands, so if we pay attention to it then everything will work out just fine.Or we have to shuffle the cards for a change..Doing predictions is of course very nice and if they come true, we can be proud and excited, but odds calculation is a wise move in our life.If we have a pack of 52 cards then we know exactly how many aces, kings, queens etc. there in the pack.But what the next card is we’ll never know but for sure we look out to it.In life we’ll never know what’s gonna happen tomorrow, but be always hopeful and positive.We will always know what we did today before we’re going to sleep.And if we’re not ready we can finish it tomorrow.All what we finish today you don’t have to do it tomorrow.We don’t know what kind of trouble tomorrow will come which can delay everything or that everything work out just fine and we finish it more quicker.With card games we are all waiting for the king we need but there are already three kings dealt which means there is only one left in the deck that means the chance is reduced to twenty-five percent, but it’s important where the king is.That determines the duration of the game and the chance of winning if we own the right card, but which card does the other person needs and what’s their chance of winning.Making estimations for the next step in life or the following expecting card that maybe somebody else also wants, that’s a important gift in our life.The possible combinations with the cards or the variaty in life are so extended that everything is possible to be a winner or a loser.To pay good attention in life we make the opportunity for create more chances and potential which make a different with a bigger advantage.We will never easy to guess the next card or what the other day shall happened, but if the aces are already distributed on the table we need not to wait for it, and that as a stick between the door for a chance in life, so we are ensure that the cards should be on newly shuffled.And then after we are ready for a new set of cards with new aces.
I wish you a healthy life.Kindly Regards,author Jan Jansen
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