Sharing our Feelings can Sometimes be Ammunition for Another Person

Sharing our Feelings can Sometimes be Ammunition for Another Person.
Feelings, we all have them and how higher emotional we are the more inner feelings will cause problems for us.Our inner soul is extremely excited at good news and be merry, or by bad news very disappointed and saddened.Emotions we can expect cry of joy or sorrows, it can be difficult to keep it under control and occasionally we would like to share only with people we trust.Sometimes we have something so overloaded that we can hold it difficult for ourselves secrecy so excited, hopeful and almost certain that it will succeed and would like to talk about it to others.This can have a very positive effect, because several thoughts can trigger new ideas and that can chance magnification for us or give a confirmation of the good thinking and direction in our minds.But it can also be completely bad if the wrong ears will hear our future plans and get there’d rather like to do something with it for self-interest.This can mean both business and personal benefits by jealousy, insufficient knowledge or a defined playing opportunity to profit from the welcoming gain there.It is sometimes difficult in life to choose the correct and confidential person to tell our intimate inventions or thoughts in confidence.It can then be transferred back to others or used for expediency and we a family member, friend or acquaintance relationship may lose together with our thoughts.Unfortunately, not everyone is to trust one hundred percent, even if we have an excellent relationship and it would never come up in our minds we have to be careful to transform information to others without doubts.They may be the person who have the gun (evil thoughts) which we give confidential ammunition (information) which we provide a shot in the neck (disadvantage) by ourselves.
I wish you a healthy life.Kindly Regards,author Jan Jansen
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