We Cannot always Go like the Air that Blowing with the Wind

We Cannot always Go like the Air that Blowing with the Wind.
In life it’s important to have a will and don’t always follow trends or ideas of other people.It will be easier to follow others without thinking anything in our mind no need to come up with something or having to change anything give us a easy – going feeling.But go with the understanding of another individual doesn’t follow the knowledge of ourselves, we do but what encountered or said to us and that seems often to be easy.It can be quite an experience but it will not give forecasts on independence, because we are the successors of something that others said or thought, but perhaps it’s possible that it will be improving ideas.Nevertheless, it still something of another and has little prospects to usurp it to us as discoverer.As the inventor and pioneer of something new that can help others who may follow which then it give us the certainty of future opportunities.So that we have achieved something we help ourselves and humanity that others have the opportunity to use it to improve their life.So we’re helping ourselves and giving it a pastime for everyday promote our life and livelihood.It’s not pleasant to be a follower or to always do what others want this for ourselves maybe boredom or it seem annoying for other people.A life without ideas and inspirations for revealing suggestions to do in our everyday life without regularity will hard give satisfaction to us.An imagination with a vision for new impressions which we can address ourselves to a joyful and coming way ahead will be very influential for us.Watching and listen to others is very important in life as well as a fellowship with each other in harmony and accord.But constant thoughtlessly without any inspiration from ourselves and continue listen to others or follow their thoughts is an unwise decision.If we forever going with the wind then will don’t know at any given time where we will end.
I wish you a healthy life.Kindly Regards,author Jan Jansen
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