Sometimes we are Powerless on the most Important Moments of our Life

Sometimes we are Powerless on the most Important Moments of our Life.
Our life can run smoothly but there will also be moments that we sit with our hands in the hair, because we have nothing more under control and are in misery.At that time, we can be strong and have many possess, are much intelligence, but we are just helpless when we actualy like to control everything.But just not have the power, no knowledge or solution we are powerless and helpless, it can for everyone be another reason for example an accident, illness, private etc.Believe at that moment where we want to believe in, important is if we can give ourselves a positive courage to go looking for a perfect solution.And sometimes it is not always the solution as we would like, but we just have to accept it better so as it happened to us at that time and the deposition to be not curious and want to continue to monitor the progress.These first few seconds is so much at us that we are totally affected and confused by misunderstanding and frustration all we would like to give or do, but we don’t have the necessary strength and makes us useless.That time is so important for us to give ourselves a favor by being able to be the savior of something that has touched our soul.We may not be able to forgive ourselves by the poignant feelings that caused it to us or others, but the situation has gone so.So acceptance is final salvation to create with satisfaction that, because there’s no other way we could not accomplish its termination.How bad it might be sad or depressed and we are nothing will come to change that, so we have to continue with our lives in a positive way.Life is just the way it is, it is coming with surprises, so we sometimes at the most important moments of life will be just helpless without us being able to make a change.
I wish you a healthy life.Kindly Regards,author Jan Jansen
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