Nobody Wants to Wear Two Suitcases

Nobody Wants to Wear Two Suitcases.
There’s nobody in the world who is quite perfect or can do everything close to perfection, there are certain personalities who think differently and behave like that.But we all have already experienced that there is no one who does not make mistakes and that is human, so there we have to settle in and conduct it.But by continuing to make the same mistakes will at some point cause problems that we sometimes can not handle and so what give additional burden.Therefore it is wise and good to think about it afterwards extra about everything and to learn from the first mistake and thereby increase our intelligence.By philosophize and over thinking about what has happened, we can make a plan on tackle it differently next time without mistakes.It’s a gaffe and stupidity if we would accept a similar mistake again and so have our chance to miss the previous experience of having learned something from it.We are actually twice with our head against the same wall appeared and with our face to stones hurts.Be thoughtful and judicious at the same event let our memories do good work and remind us, that it was not to be nice or something to cheer of.It can also cause damage to others not just for ourselves, because we are not always alone, and that is something that we should try to avoid at all times.Everyone makes mistakes, but we do not need to enter into repeat if we have learned been there again it would be unwise to ourselves and to others unjustly.And when our luggage is overweight by mistakes we also have to pay extra for it and that is something unnecessary if all we can prevent.There are certain guide lines in life with each other for to minimize the mistakes and problems in our life such as not lying, being honest and living in harmony with each other by helping etc.It is up to us for pursue or ignore them and that will determine our life not to wear two times the same bags.
I wish you a healthy life.Kindly Regards,author Jan Jansen
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