A Person can not Wear a Mask for Long

A Person can not Wear a Mask for Long.
Because of problems and greed today many people take a different lifestyle in a shortened word “scam”.They try to save their own ass or to enrich themselves or by others, but that will not be rewarded in the long run.Sooner or later there will have to pay the price and that can be through legal action or loneliness because there are not friends anymore.So, the problems or wealth can be at that time dissolved or are present but there will often arrive a less fun end.No one wants to be fooled, so there will always caused a conflict with the creation of enemies.Someone can have a mask to hide the truth or do for themselves differently to get something done, but that will not be able to last forever.At some point the reality will show its sides and the truth comes to light, because it can not last, and a mistake is easily made.They can not expect that everyone is stupid but remains at a given moment, people are fed up and realize the goal of them and that’s scam.Then they’ll lose a new contact because the confidence in their is broken and a wise man will turn to their back and stay far away.And so, one by one the people around them will lose until they change but it is already too late and perhaps unrecoverable bad name.Be wise and correct it is better everything slowly dissolve or get rich with a clean list and a relaxed heart and soul than to lose face.No one can continue to wear a mask long because there is always a time will come when we must show our true face and it is better to do it with pride.
I wish you a healthy life.Kindly Regards,author Jan Jansen
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