Do not Expect the Extremes from Another Person

Do not Expect the Extremes from Another Person.
Many expectations, bring nothing in life to us, it will just be hoping for something that may never happen or will be in our possession.Depend on something that is constant in our mind, will affect our life in unsure what we must do with a desire that is not there.But without wishing or dreaming in our life is also nothing, in fact our life is a great desire for the ignorant, because certainty is only there when we have it.Something experiencing in life is actually a possession of joy, pleasure or an unpleasant experience, and possessions may permanent or been after.And some individuals sometimes think that people are also possessions, but that is a dream, because everyone is free to choose where and with whom they want to stay.Or themselves have to agree to be possession or owned by someone, because they believe in it or for financial reasons, that is also free to make this choice for everyone there.Live in harmony with each other is the most important thing in a private or other relationship, happiness is not for sale but it is very important to be happy.And with contentment and satisfaction we can get that inner feeling to be happy and fulfilling experience, we can have everything and wealth but that’s not it.If we are reasonable with others and help where it is needed without expecting anything in return can also give us a blissful mood.Expect too much back or hope for a favor in return can change our mood in disappointed, do the things from the heart will always give satisfaction.Expect the extremes from other people will make our life more complicated and just have to wait and hope for the unexpected.
I wish you a healthy life.Kindly Regards,author Jan Jansen
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