Every Heart know Dark Sides as Clouds Overlay the Moon

Every Heart know Dark Sides as Clouds Overlay the Moon.
On the outside, we can never see how others feel inside their heart because most do not like to show the trouble to others.Often we try to hold ourselves big against others while our heart is crying and we sometimes get deeply unhappy.Also, it is not wise to hang out our dirty laundry, so we give others the opportunity do a little on top of it and so everything gets very exaggerated.Our problems will surely doubles as it has passed the different tongues and that will not bring much good for us.If we go with bad or unauthorized information it will be for many gloating and like to spread it with over the tonque with a smile, some will have compassion and try to help.Many forget that we all have moments or periods when it is not going well with us and that may not have to be financially but also can be physically or mentally and needy.Others then show their compassion on those moments very welcome and appreciated, because every support we can use then.Especially when we are emotionally hurt this gives a big impact on our mental state and his grief not listen to reason.The state of mind of us will be as a astray, we know ourselves to give almost no more advice and see nothing anymore but black lace.That is a completely wrong setting and must convert it as soon as possible to a Positive side to allow ourselves to realize that there will again be a solution and protect ourselves so.Light will always come again how dark it is, our self-confidence give us these signals and we should believe in with conviction.After rain comes sunshine or storm, but the balance will always return to a good climate that we must assume.As the clouds cover the moon will always appear darker sides in our hearts that we will cry rather than laugh but always have faith that good times will always return.
I wish you a healthy life.Kindly Regards,author Jan Jansen
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