Time is Not to Waste, if Were not Use it Right, it Will use Us

Time is Not to Waste, if Were not Use it Right, it Will use Us.
Every time we hear the clock ticking or can see what time it is, we know that there is life and there is nothing wrong with our ears or eyes.People watch many times a day of a timepiece, because that everyone knows how important time is in our life.Our entire life is a time lapse of timespace as the time period has expired is that the end of ourselves.So it is of big influence that we every second, minute and hour in one day we spend it very good, because there are only twenty-four hours in a day and before we know our days are counted.Nobody gets a live program so everyone passage of time on this earth is different and unpredictable, it can be expected to last longer or shorter.Many things to help us forward are all based on time or have a time frame for which we receive a fee.This fee we need to pay our environment and life needs, this can be a happy time as heirs or to pursue activities.We must in any case well aware that our time period on this earth has a limit, and if we use time unwisely we don’t get a resit. The time does not stop and lost every second that is used carelessly will include lost future opportunities and no second chance more to us.Our limited time so get shortened by thoughtless to exploit these seconds or time period and apply to obtain future prospects.So we have wronged ourselves and shortchanged perhaps by ignorance and because we inconsiderate and reckless with time have handled.So have time abused us by not properly spend so we have lost that time frame by not take care of it in the right way.
I wish you a healthy life.Kindly Regards,author Jan Jansen
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