Dedication Can Change Human

Dedication Can Change Human.
Nothing is as changeable as a human life, and the human himself can change dramatically, because of a level displacement.
Too much attention by beautiful looking or success from an individual can change the insight and clean his conduct character to display a different understanding and response to things.
The loyalty that was initially present in their attitude and behavior can change shape in total arrogance and conceit, which makes them naturally not loved.
Their superiority was beaten in the head and some think those moments to be more than another more income, higher position or standard of living.
The inspiration is their all become too much or it's gone too fast and suddenly forget that they also need to eat, sleep and have to go to the toilet like everyone.
There are even people who first were kindness itself and therefore now become dragons, why is the most inexplicable.
The devotion and dedication to attention and riches by now to live in wealth has their whole in the power so that it gives a characteristic change.
The enthusiasm and joy in their change for a better life, anyone can understand it, but a transformation is difficult to realize.
The appearance and behavior of their after many years of encounter hardly recognizable by pride and can give us a sense of depletion.
A typical peculiarity that they have become a completely different person with wealth, success or fame.
Self-sacrifice for their character and physical changes in ways of maintaining others is absolutely not succeeded and now look down on others.
The concern and loyalty to a friendship has become obsolete, because they now think the center of his attention and have other thoughts priorities.
What feelings they now leave others are totally superfluous, because they think they are in a completely independent multi-position.
Fortunately there are many people who know how to deal with their fellow men by showing them respect in a responsible manner, the level does not need to create behavioral change among intelligent people showing appreciation.
Sorry when You think different about this with Your feeling when reading this, it is never my intention to condemn people or hurt, so this is written to once certain people to think about their behavior towards the neighbor.
As a dedication simply human can change.
I wish you a healthy life.Kindly Regards,
author Jan Jansen
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