What Are the Right Words for an Apology

What Are the Right Words for an Apology.
We all make mistakes and often unconscious, and there we must make an apology attached to it, but what are the best words to use?
Or the particular situation and place decide I'm sorry to speak in a better context with eccentric words.
Sometimes it is even a little puzzling how often certain people make missteps with inaccuracies and then with simple words of regret rid out of it.
But if it happened to us we have just to accept it, because if it's not too much than what should be done more then speak regret or offer an excuse.
Expressions of regret are still the last thing anyone could expect in return, but there is the damage when all is correct not compensated by.
Yes we should say, when it's all fair and sincere, but unfortunately this is it not every times.
In addition, see that everyone is not the same with different views on certain things for example, what for someone is a small thing, is to another a disaster.
That also give then again confusions when we see someone not like it very much and take that too seriously so prove it by showing a completely disastrous appearance.
What we need at that moment than to say, I'm sorry that they will never accept yet, and surely there will be more meaning behind this spectacle?
We just have to watch constantly with what we do, for an unintentional maneuver may cause serious problems to ourselves.
Every involuntary act of self may result in a dilemma where we fall short words and sorry has no meaning and will not be accepted.
There are simply individuals who live by the mistakes that others make by to provide it with a wider scope than it really is and take so there profit from it.
Occasionally it is sometimes clear, so we know that we are not only able to come up with a sorry and will from there a fee to face, but it should not be exaggerated by the state of affairs in which we find ourselves at the time.
What are on such moments still the right words to say sorry, and we know that through ignorance have made a mistake and because of that now they extra duped because another want to get profit out of it.
I wish you a healthy life.Kindly Regards,
author Jan Jansen
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