Gives and Take in Life Fend for Oneself will Give Constancy and Stability

Gives and Take in Life Fend for Oneself will Give Constancy and Stability
Short-sighted thinking is the order of the day today by a small and less intelligent and not forward-thinking intellectuals, the future is not today in their become thought.
A big miscalculation and error character when we consider that every day we have a new opportunity to make our life for giving more impetus and value changes.
Everything we first did not realize it was right or wrong in the past and right now we have to face the same opportunity to use them and may change.
When we first a selfish or self-centered life lived, we might mentally come to the conclusion that it is not working and can work on that for a change.
As we first just wanted to get something and never took the trouble to do something in return or give back is that as of today the opportunity for a change.
Even if we only thought about others and not stopped with giving and never got anything in return, we found may find that it will does not progress.
We will all naturally once wake up and realize that makes each one of us and our errors can only convert themselves aware and adjust.
On the stage arrived there become awaring that we ourselves are aware of our weaknesses and have this behavior is not a real life it must takes an adjustment.
For the outside world another form of reflection does not work, because the real face will always come a time behind the mask from.
Everyone wants a good and happy life, but it also means that we must give others a good time and opportunity to get it in return.
Another give what we ourselves would like to have is not a bad trait especially if we have nothing to lose and need to behave just friendly and sincere.
Every individual on this earth has the right to have constancy and stability, while we must bring ourselves into balance by giving and taking in life.
I wish you a healthy life.Kindly Regards,
author Jan Jansen
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