A Better Life for my Best Friend and Pet

A Better Life for my Best Friend and Pet
We do not sit in the school classroom, but with our feet in the grass around us are many mountains and fortunately we have no reason to hide ourselves behind it.
But where do we go now north, east, south or west, home is best, but we can not go, we want the best for our dear friend the dog but have no home.
It is so beautiful here in nature but have to sleep without any wall and bed, we could not even sit on the carpet, sometimes it is warm and then cold again and have built a tent.
We will have to spend the nights with not much security and joyous moments but we have each other to count the days to come through.
My ancestral home we have left because there's no more to our liking was the dog my best friend watching along with me now for a better place to stay.
It came suddenly in me so there was not much time to think carefully, because what is this world now give me here alone with my dog ​​in the countryside.
Our goal is to seek a better life, but where we start, how this will end we do not know yet, because our journey is just beginning.
Fortunately we are not the only building left their home for a better life and they sometimes have to first go through a lot of misery and gain experience to have it better later.
It will be a difficult time in the beginning but once settled in the right place, we have the opportunity to improve and forget the thoughts of the past.
Thinking about the future is why we have gone away, so there we are going to work on and think about the good prospect with enthusiasm and a positive courage.
Homesickness we definitely have but that is not the way of interest will give the same situations and we fled mindlessly and would like a better life now.
The situation and persistence will get us where we want to come, the road can be long with many obstacles and complications but persevere will win.
Always keep in mind that we should be happy if we were lucky enough to be born in the right place, because we also had be one of the who that are many less fortunate.
They also like to have a better life for their pets and themselves want and would enjoy it as best friends.
I wish you a healthy life.Kindly Regards,
author Jan Jansen
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