Giving Kindness in a Day to Others, They May then Show a Sense of Gratitude to Us


Giving Kindness in a Day to Others, They May then Show a Sense of Gratitude to Us for the Rest of Their Whole Life
"Clothes make the man" is a good quotes but it has nothing to do about the personality of the person in the clothes, which may be a total surprise or disappointment.
Never judge the man from the appearance, and we should recognize that kindness give such a great impact on us and other people's life, and it may create a good relationship link for everyone.
A friendly personality can already turn the bad situation into good atmosphere with a comprehensible and attentively listening ear from both sides.
With paying a full attention to the conversation, everything can be sought in a peaceful solution, but if we started with aggressiveness, then we might be getting the equally worst status, in which everything can directly turn into a wrong pace.
Sometimes to remain calm in every complexity is a difficult task, but one with the best results, and with eloquent words, it can keep the conversation in harmony.
Our state of mind is not the same for every day, sometimes we or others could respond in an inappropriate way, because maybe something bad from before is still playing a major role in our mind or we want to give a very quick reaction without attention.
Always try to be kind, even today might be an extremely congested day, we should still behave in a civilized and benign way to resume our communication with others.
Every normal and good understanding individual will then show their appreciation to us, when they realize comprehensively on the behavior displayed by us.
Appreciation for each other, we can achieve only through exchanging kind words without belittling or insulting each other, because that will only backfire ourselves.
To meet a friendly character is a gift from heaven, be kindness to them for minimum in a day, then perhaps our whole life will be remembered by them with showing their gratitude to us.
I wish You a Good and Healthy Life
Kindly Regards
© author Jan Jansen
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