Ignorance is the weapon for self-destruction, better we stay away from it

Ignorance is the weapon for self-destruction, better stay away from it
Unfortunately, we can not know everything, and our brains are only limited to own interests.
Therefore, several times in our life we will be confronted with things we will not know what it is all about.
And often by greed we want to try to seize a piece of that.
Sometimes it can go wrong by insufficient knowledge and the other party sees this as as their advantages for getting more benefit from us.
Our earth provides enough resources to satisfy every person but not for every man's greed, and through ignorance, those greedy human see the benefit in this and we are the victim.
A broad way of thinking is something we have to expanding our livelihood, but we must also enhance our knowledge to not fail in our life.
In case of insufficient knowledge, we will always "draw the short straw" and so in several cases confirm will be a loss outcome.
Our security feeling will decrease because we need to be informed by another person who we must believe due to our insufficient learnedness and information.
Thus creating an opportunity to conspire against us and therefore we are in a loss-making position and if we want to protect us from it, we need to have all the skills by ourselves.
Be wise and thoughtful, if there is not enough expertise in ourselves or a real confidant around with all the knowledge in their possession, then its better to forget this.
To swim at a place where we do not know what is waiting us (perhaps there are crocodiles) by our ignorance, is asking for trouble and this can cause the self-destruction process.
I wish You a Good and Healthy Life
Kindly Regards
© author Jan Jansen
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