Our life room should fully fill up with contentment, to leave no space for resentment

Our life room should fully fill up with contentment, to leave no space for resentment.
It is not hard to get annoy everywhere and making bad comments, but if we can adapt to any situation by ourselves, then we will be easily get satisfied to achieve a greater benefits.
Any negative thoughts about something can give us annoyance and this also will have a bad influence on the subsequent reaction, where irritation affecting our mood and brings bad impact to influence everyone.
Then others will also be irritable by our behavior and after which this is escalating throughout the entire conversation, so the situation becomes out of hand and uncontrollable.
Stay relax and not quick to react with angrily or aggressively then we can always bring out the best during that moment, restrain ourselves so we can prevent the situation becomes tense, thus at the end of the conversation, everybody gets satisfaction.
No evil thoughts in the end and everyone is satisfied, it is very important for us to always leave or say goodbye to another person with good feeling, the happiness can be transmited around even after we’re leaving that place.
If we keeps doing in this way, we can set our life with a more peaceful thoughts and convey the positive messages to others, then we would be a good example for them.
Keep walking around with dissatisfaction is not good for anyone and will never give no joy, always stay positive in every situation, because there is always a solution for everything.
And if it’s still no solution can be found, then we should just treat it as a good lesson for us to learn what is going to deliver its benefits in the future.
We are not compulsory to deal with others, we are the boss from ourselves, to move on, we have the option to make own decision from our heart, whether its a good or bad decision, the choice is always by us.
Hatred towards others is a waste of time, we need to diversify our own mind with a better mood, so if we feel ourselves uncomfortable with certain people it is better to banish them from our life and forget them with a clean mind.
There should be absolutely no place in our life room for hatred or revenge, because this merely just gives ourselves a psychological conflicts, we better fill up fully that place with joy and satisfaction for a good mood.
All the best for You with a Good Health
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