Good Night have a Good Dream

Good Night have a Good Dream
Yes our day for today is over and we need our eyes to close.
All things were satisfied met for today the rest we must do tomorrow with the same smile.
We again enjoyed the atmosphere around us with our positive slant on daily life.
Good people around us all with the same peaceful goal.
Done things that interested us and motivate that’s what makes life more attractive and provides better content and satisfaction in life.
To get up tomorrow early morning again with the same smile again to continue with the aim to make it a better day than yesterday.
Now we go to sleep and dream about interesting personal daily or virtual life and realize that it’s one big lesson for everybody.
Some are fortunate that they are already a daydreamer so is it possible to dream 24 hours a day with positive thoughts.
Goodnight best personal and digital well-wisher comrades wish you all the best with good health.
Both a good night’s sleep in dreamland, where everyone can dream about a peaceful and bountiful existence on this earth together.
Tomorrow we are back and stand with both feet on the ground for a new day with courage and other opportunities.
And start a new day with surprising experiences that no one can predict in advance, we only can hope of the best for today.
That makes our life seductive and enchanting, because in mind is always something positive concealed for improving our results.
Good night and a good dream, remember to just keep dreaming about what’s best for our own life to all satisfaction.
All the best for You with a Good Health

author © Jan Jansen @authorjanjansen @janjansenpoetry @easyjanjansen