A compassionate feeling for others give the ultimate happiness to us

 A compassionate feeling for others give the ultimate happiness to us
It seems that everyone has become afraid to have faith in each other, because a small group of people in the world is no longer fair.
They basically affect almost everyone with suspicion and thus make the life of others become more complicated, because the trust in other people to them disappear.
When others approach us for something we are already on our guard to make preparations for the worst, because we don't want to be a victim.
Someone who is doing overly nice to us from their nature, will no more be taken seriously by the previous experiences we have experienced.
And this usually almost always turned sour out that they wanted to befall in a friendly way and so can be intimated to get something done..
But everyone to shave across a ridge is not wise , and it is better not to change ourselves, but to be cautious and watch out for problems.
This way we can protect ourselves in front of them and still show our compassion by taking a look with the possibilities for what they want.
Our sense of touch will be operational and must be carried out to give an impression of the situation and raise awareness of our intuition about others.
Compassionate may arise from the emotion of the story that affects our sensibility and emotion, so we should have a good estimate as it will be creditable for us.
The same helping hand for others when they are in need is an instinct that everyone has it in themselves, but that may change by the experiences.
So take a good decision for ourselves whether we are fully support behind it in order to provide help and eventually we will have the tendency to make that step.
It is a bliss for us as we can helping others and are being appreciated, so we realize that not everyone is the same, or will also do something good to us.
It is a bless that we can help others, because we all know how it feels when we need someone, because when we are in an emergency and there is none.
So let our emotions not affect us with the past and know that if we are compassionate to others we meet can give us the ultimate happiness.
Nature always does his job well, so who is doing well for others met better in life.
All the best for You with a Good Health
author © Jan Jansen @authorjanjansen @janjansenpoetry @easyjanjansen @77jjeb www.janjansen.guru