Luckiness is the best medicine to cure our pain in time

Luckiness is the best medicine to cure our pain in time
The periods of emotional heartache by torment, grief and anguish can be a suffering for our life.
To help us there through is an entire complicated task and it can be very frustrating by the incredible physical feelings which brings this over to our mind.
Psychologically it also consume us a lot of energy and it can give a short fuse to our character, so we are easily being irritated by responding to others.
During this agony of the soul which often against everything on such a moment then  just friends and happiness can perform miracles to alleviate pain relief.
It will be the responsible for our inner self to get a better sentiment and mood with a good feeling.
A good example is to win a lottery or to meet the love of our life, our thoughts will do anything to forget the pain, so then our fixation is only on one subject.
Our compassion and mind can be completely relieved of pain and suffering through the joy for an ultimate acquisition.
It 's a whole sensational experience and then just at that point of time we welcome the happiness with an open arms.
Received good news to us in bad times can heals and softens the wounds for this remarkable circumstances.
Healing our pain will bring us the luckiness, and this will be the best medicine to relief us with a positive thoughts.
So we can in our future life exploit new opportunities with positive and relax thoughts.
All the best for You with a Good Health
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