Unfeigned love is entrust without preconditions

Unfeigned love is entrust without preconditions
Unconditional love is priceless and give endless happiness.
Notwithstanding this, it is impossible to give everything we have our loved one, without having to receive something in return.
That's the dangerous of loves prickles, but a life without love would not have much value anymore.
It is precisely the emotional feelings that make everything more exciting and attractive to us.
If we love something and do it with full love will gives us more satisfaction.
Especially, in particular if we also actually get something or some love in return.
It's good to do something and not just ever have in our mind to do it for reason get a better profit.
But to do everything for free is also beyond argument.
We simply need cash to provide our daily living.
Because that is not free and involves many costs involved, and its not easy to find a charity fund or person that wants to sponsor us.
So will need to work and take care of the daily financial liability both mentally and physically.
We can work for someone and get there money for, that's same as  a traffic signal from two directions which is to justify.
Love is a sensitive chord, but just the same effect with a future-oriented goal for both.
If we give our heart to one another and therefore no love feelings get back that will hurt.
It seems like it's a waste of time, but our heart has the positive energy of love and will not be entirely unhappy.
We can be excited by an eye contact with this person, and this will greatly increase our emotional conviction.
The happiest moment in our life is that if we encountered a individual who wants to share everything effectively through of mutual love.
Who absolutely love us and we unrestricted them so that we can together fill all voids in the joint life.
Advancing with mutual feelings and total respect for each other.
Not thinking about the advantages or disadvantages by love, but the feelings of two hearts the most important is.
Then we can speak of love with unfeigned where the material conditions and play no role in the entrust without preconditions.
However, it is then just the endless feelings of two persons from the heart without secrets for each other.

All the best for You with a Good Health
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