Authentic character is better than maintaining a reputation

Authentic character is better than maintaining a reputation
Arrive with something that peddled out some others and excellent satisfaction when they use it.
And thereby can build a reputation for ourselves is something to be proud of.
This will also offer certain future prospects for us.
It will be rather somewhat about which many people will have high esteem, sympathy and respect for this shall answer.
Of course, not everyone can ensure that their idea or way of thinking will be successful at superiors or by others.
So nobody will know if they will be able afterwards to provide their overall livelihood with this.
By personal prosperity in life proportional generally everything goes better.
Because the outlook is increased and it enables us to establish more meetings and come in contact with others.
There is at all times a greater interest in successful and good-looking individuals than for the average citizen.
That's just a proven fact and increasing their attention by the diversity with others.
If there is more interest and attention to them or their words shown, some people find their own so interesting and important.
Their genuine personality transforms into a completely different identity.
One of the examples is: For years we have someone we grew up with not encountered anymore.
Then there is a reunion and we meet each other again, as we are completely surprised on the person when we experienced them again, totally been transformed character trait.
The tendency of their character trait has changed so much that we are totally stunned, so we met them before not with that individuality.
By talking together we find out what is behind this complete behavior replacement.
And conclude that success and money managed to manipulate a known person as a complete theatre persona.
Just an overall changing from their conduct line, as we not know them, quite different and we are not used to.
Their individuality is completely changed with a distinctive sign to others that there are no equivalence priorities more, but prevail pride bidding.
The friendly temperament and inner nature of them is so changed that we surprise our own.
Don't know how to behave us and have again learned something in our life on earth.
That we always have to stay ourselves and continue our life,  let success or money not change our character in a movie actor or actress.
Like in a movie where almost everything is attuned to a good end and a false identity.
It is more important to our inner character to retain the resulting reputation than to disown our personality, because of possessing wealth or getting success.

All the best for You with a Good Health
author © Jan Jansen @authorjanjansen @janjansenpoetry @easyjanjansen @77jjeb