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More and more people start screaming for something.
How would that now what is the reason?
The leaves on the trees are free.
More and more cars drive past and drive hard, you no see longer stand.
They’d rather drive against Thee.
Everyone is in a hurry and be wary.
You never know what weather is going to breed again today.
Violence is now addressed to the day before you know it you’ll get a blow.
A blow to never forget, because many have no more to eat.
Working together is not there anymore, because that makes you even more happy.
Egoism is now a part of life.
Looking what another person do and ask the bank to give a loan.
Into debt for another to show how well you do it.
But in the end you are bankrupt.
Because you can not pay the interest and the bank will recover everything.
You have worked for years and the freedom was limited.
You had your own in everyday life to seduction.
And wanted the attention of another to enrich you.
That is you dearly, because now everything is gone.
Nothing has remained from it or stand there now.
Yelling for help is now your daily existence.


Where does it still go in life.
More and more people get into trouble.
And they can no longer stay on it , because they want to do more bigger than in reality.
Take risks that they can not afford.
To another to discriminate.
That they do better.
But they forget it’s only money.
Being healthy is the richness in life.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen


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